Do you love handcrafted wire jewelry but just don't know how or where to get started? Well, here's your answer! Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry is the second in a new series from Interweave Press for true beginners—those people with absolutely no wire-working knowledge—that carefully and gradually guides readers through every aspect of working with this popular and enduring medium.

Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry features more than 300 color photographs and illustrations that walk you, step-by-step, through the entire process, from where and how to shop for wire and beads, choosing the right kind and gauge of wire, to what tools-of-the-trade you'll need to borrow or buy.

You'll learn how to make basic jewelry components such as loops, jump rings, and connectors and then, with your new-found knowledge, you can create and proudly wear one or all of the projects including earrings, rings, a bracelet—or make and give decorated cards.

There's also an abundance of tips and resources that will keep those ideas for your own creations flowing. With this book as your guide, you'll master the art of creating beautiful wire jewelry and gifts in no time!

If you'd like to see inside the book, you can visit the Interweave Press Website and check it out.

Thanks to the talented design and editing team at Interweave Press, Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry has won the coveted Benjamin Franklin Award as Best Craft Book 2006. The award is presented annually by the Publisher's Marketing Association (PMA).

Eighteen projects; hard cover; more than 300 photos; full color.

I am thrilled with this book. It really covers everything, and the photos are really excellent. I have been looking and looking to find a book like this step-by-step guide. You really couldn't ask for better. I highly recommend this book. Maureen Dollman "Ms Critter"

This book is so helpful. Has good,clear illustrations. Very good for a beginner like me. Bootsie (Washington State)

Another Winner! Even though Woven Wire Jewelry was more advanced than this great beginner's book, I had to add it to my library. My favorite projects are the spiral bracelet and knot rings. There are many great things for the beginner and above to learn. Great pictures and facts about tools, sources, safety and products. Projects are easy to follow and have a great range to choose from for a "getting started" book. Another great book from Linda and Christine. I anxiously await the next book. Robin Brown (Indiana)

The best book on the market for bead/wire jewelry making. This book is excellent for beginers as well as the more advanced jewelry artist...contains detailed step by step instructions as well as color pictures of each basic - advanced technique. I had purchased [other books] and found this book to be a better bargain dollar for dollar. The instructions are clear, and coupled with the pictures to guide you, you can easily follow the pattern to complete a project. The projects are beautiful and there are so many useful techniques. This book also has instructions on how to make a few findings. Tavie 76 (Anchorage, AK)

This book was a godsend to me. I work with PMC and use wire to make all sorts of findings. When trying to order wire I had no idea what the various tempers or gauges were and which were used for what. Well, I do now, all because of this book. It starts at the very basics that you need to know, and goes on to show how to make coils, wrappings, ear wires, and on and on. Too bad the publisher hasn't made, at least, the table of contents available to the prospective buyer on Amazon. You may start simply with this book, but it will enable you to create any number of more complicated designs. It's also at a bargain price! C. M. Elliott (Georgia)

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