Textile Weave Bracelet

By Popular Demand!

Textile Weave Bracelet gives complete, detailed instructions that will show you how to weave an elegant bracelet from silver and gold-filled wire. Once the basic technique is mastered, you can create an infinite variety of designs and sizes.

The manual shows various completed bracelets and describes how to design your own patterns.

Thirty-nine pages; more than 120 photos; full color; printable. Available as an instant download.

To order, please visit Linda Chandler's website: www.JewelrybyLinda.com


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You'll need the following to make the Textile Weave Bracelet

• Flat-nose pliers (one large, one small, or chain-nose pliers).
• Flat/round-nose forming pliers (not absolutely essential, but very nice to have).
• Nylon-jaw pliers
• Needle-nose pliers
• Stepped-nose pliers
• Cutters
• Hemostats (2)
• Flat file
• Ruler
• Tape (standard 3M masking tape)
• Adhesive solvent—acetone or Goo-Gone®

• 20-gauge square gold-filled wire, half-hard, about 55 inches
• 18-gauge half-round half-hard, gold-filled wire, about 20 inches
• 120-inch coil of 21-gauge half-round gold-filled wire
• 21-gauge half-round sterling silver wire, about 70 inches
• Marker